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With the Acai Berry Select program you can lose weight and increase your energy at the same time! The Acai berry is an amazing berry that comes from the Brazilian Amazon Jungle that is all natural and has been a proven weight loss remedy. Acai Berry Select was founded in 2002 and are a member of the National Products Association that is dedicated to help people find safe and effective natural products to supplement their lives. The Acai Berry Select program gives you all the nutrients you get when you eat a serving of fruits and vegetables and it also provides important omega acids. Not only is the Acai berry very good for you, but it stimulates weight loss and helps increase your energy.

The Acai Berry Select program takes the same Brazilian harvested berries and puts them into a healthy supplement with a combination of other nutrients that help with weight loss, increased energy levels and antioxidants that help promote healthier looking skin. When you sign up as a member to the Acai Berry Select program, you are automatically signed up for their online fitness program. In combination with a sensible diet, exercise and drinking lots of water the Acai Berry Select supplement will aid you in gaining your skinnier body healthier and faster. You’ll also get access to customized exercize programs, diet plans, fitness tracking systems and other resources inside. Also as a free bonus you’ll get a special ebook on “71 Weight Loss Tips” and an MP3 of “Weight Loss Visualization Audio”.

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Acai Berry Select program:

  • Helps you lose weight
  • Helps increase your metabolism
  • Helps increase fat oxidation
  • Helps fight fatigue
  • Helps increase energy
  • Powerful antioxidant support

The Reviews

Overall the reviews for Acai Berry Select were pretty positive. One user said that many of these health products and supplements promise ridiculous claims and are scams, but the Acai Berry Select program has a high ORAC level. ORAC means Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity which means that all of the fruits, veggies and legumes, the Acai berry has the highest level which allows your body to kill off free radicals and other toxins. Another user said just using this product alone will not help you lose weight, but with a healthy lifestyle it will radically improve your weight loss efforts. One lady was pleased with its anti-inflammatory properties as she has arthritis and takes Acai Berry Select to help.

Yet other users said the Acai Berry Select was highly popular because it contains a pool of amino acids, fiber and essential Omega acids. They have found that their energy levels have been boosted and their skin has never looked healthier. One woman suffers from adult acne and she said with Acai Berry Select her skin has had far less breakouts than before. There are a couple disadvantages to Acai Berry Select such as if you are sensitive to caffeine, this product may not suit you because it also contains Green Tea. But if you have no problem with caffeine, the Acai Berry Select will help you with your weight loss efforts and to achieve overall better health.

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