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The Diet To Go program is so simple that you don’t have to do a thing! You will eat freshly prepared, healthy and delicious meals that have all the nutrition in them to help you lose weight. Plus they are portioned just right to burn fat and still leave you feeling satisfied. Diet To Go is not some weight loss fad, diet pills, or some false promising weight loss scam. Diet To Go is a food company that will cook your entire meals for you and will provide you with the healthiest, most affordable and best-tasting low calorie meals.

You can get Diet To Go by mail order with their nationwide meal delivery plans. Every week you select a meal plan for that week and it is prepared in their commercial kitchens by executive chefs. Then the food is quick frozen, packed on dry ice and shipped directly to your door. In all they have 5 weeks of healthy delicious foods that you can select from. Each meal plan includes everything from the side dishes of fruits and vegetables right down to condiments.

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Diet To Go plan offers:

  • Low fat traditional meals
  • Low fat vegetarian meals
  • Low carb meals similar to the Atkins Diet
  • Meals following the dietary guidelines of the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and the USDA Food Pyramid
  • Meals that average 1200 calories and less than 30 carbs

The Reviews

There are many success stories on the Diet To Go website of actual people who have lost weight using their meal plans. One lady said that she had lots of favorites on the menu but there were honestly not a single meal that she didn’t like. She is combining her Diet To Go meal plans with a gym membership and has lost over 150 lbs. Another guy has lost 70 lbs. with Diet To Go and he said it’s really made a lifestyle change for him, not just a diet plan. It gets you thinking about eating healthier overall for the rest of your life, not just while you’re on the diet meal plans. He also mentioned their excellent customer service was helpful when he was going out of town to deliver his meals to where he would be.

Other users really love the fact that they no longer have to cook for themselves. With a busy life and kids, they don’t have to worry about meal preparation and planning. Another lady commented on the portion sizes, that they are just enough to make you full and feel like you are actually eating real food instead of low calorie dishes. One lady had tried many other diet plans including Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach and more but she said she would plateau on those plans, but not with Diet To Go. She lost weight immediately the first week and steadily kept going downward.

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